Mhelliah 2016

Sat, 15 Oct 2016

Mhelliah 2016
Mhelliah 2016


Well early indications show it's a new record at the VHC MHELLIAH, £2250.
A massive thank you to all that worked hard to make the event happen, Ellan Cleator Mike Sheeley Imogen Manning Dave Hall Greg Miller. A huge congratulations and thanks to Jonathan Cain and Russell Miller for their auctioneering skills. Thank you to all that attended and created what I believe to be the best and most enjoyable social night. 
Thank you to Vikings HC members for coming down and joining inJames Russell had a blast, not from Ollie Webster either....!
Overall great success. 
#moyerneedsanewjacket #imostick£60 #eganwheresyourwallet#christianwhereisyourwallet #caindoubletrumped
Oh and a big thank you to Neil and Jamie Keig at the Whitehouse for hosting us. 

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